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What Happened in 2008?

What Happened in 2008?

A decade is a significant period of time. Many things we did ten years ago feel like they happened yesterday, while others feel like they belong to another lifetime. Here are some of the key events of 2008.

In January Black Monday happened, with big falls in global stock markets – the FTSE 100 had its biggest ever one-day points fall.

In February Fidel Castro retired as the President of Cuba, stepping down after 49 years.

In May Usain Bolt broke the 100m world record with a time of 9.72 seconds (about the time it took for me to type this sentence). Manchester United beat Wigan on the last day of the football season to win their 10th Premier League title and 17th overall. It was also the month that Boris Johnson became Mayor of London.

In July the iPhone 3G with GPS was launched, a little late to have helped ‘lost’ canoeist John Darwin, who along with his wife was jailed for fraud in this month.

In August Facebook passed 100m users for the first time, the Beijing Summer Olympics closed with GB finishing 4th in the medal table.

Joshua PR was founded too.

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN was opened in September – the forecasted apocalypse didn’t happen.

October saw “Bloody Friday” with drops of around 10% for most of the world’s stock markets to the delight of anyone starting a marketing business two months earlier.

In the US Barack Obama was the first African-American to be elected President of the United States in November.

Also in November ComScore announced the most popular social media sites of the year, the top five were: Blogger (222 million users), Facebook (200 million), MySpace (126 million), WordPress (114 million), Windows Live Spaces (87 million).

Quite an eventful year. What can you remember from it?

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