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Come to our birthday bash

Come to our birthday bash

This year is the tenth anniversary of the founding of Joshua PR – a milestone we’re very pleased to have reached. So we’re holding a birthday bash to celebrate.

As is Joshua PR’s style, it won’t be big and flash, but it will be fun. A chance to meet and mingle – and we’d love you to be there.

If we’ve worked together over the last ten years, then we would like to thank you for your support. If we’ve pitched to you, but didn’t get the job, firstly we hope that the solution you chose worked out for you. Secondly thanks for the opportunity, for the chance to develop creative solutions and for your support of the PR industry. Thirdly, come and have a celebratory drink with us.

If you run another PR agency and we’ve even competed over the last ten years, then thank you for firing up our competitive juices. You are very welcome to come and join us for a drink.

If we’ve met at a networking event or chatted on a plane flying out to Barcelona, then thanks for the chat, the chance to bounce ideas around out loud and  learn from you and your experiences. Come and have a drink with us.

If you think you might want to use a PR agency at some time in the future thanks in advance for supporting the industry and potentially Joshua PR. Come along and have a drink on us.

If you’re Nottingham based and you want to mingle with some other local businesses, then thanks for creating a local, entrepreneurial eco-system. Come and network at our event.

Or if you don’t fit any of the above categories, but you think you’ll be a great addition to the evening, thanks for your confidence, we’d love to meet you!

You are all very welcome, and all we ask is that you sign up in advance here: http://joshuapr.com/joshua-pr-10/

See you there.

The Joshua PR Team.

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