Central Working case study

Central Working enlisted Joshua PR with the task of gaining media coverage for the opening of their latest club space in London. Set up in Tech City with the support of Barclays Bank, the space is actually much more than just a hot-working environment – Central Working is about providing an environment where businesses can grow and offering support, infrastructure and tools to help them develop. Getting this across to the media when, essentially, what we are saying is “come to the launch of a new office” is no mean feat.

But we knew Central Working had a compelling and worthwhile story – we just had to get it out there in the right way. The campaign was always going to be a tough sell – getting journalists away from their desks for anything is not easy – but getting through to the key people could be done, if we went about it in a clever way.

What Joshua PR needed to do was get the media to see the importance of this new space in terms of the business environment for entrepreneurs – to show the bigger picture. The fact that Barclays Bank was involved did not automatically have any sway, so we could not rely on that. But by linking the opening of the new Central Working club to wider stories on the economy, how companies can continue to grow in difficult times, employment figures and so on, we could get it out there.

By having in-depth conversations with journalists we began to spark some interest, but even this brought additional challenges. Many wanted success stories, but as the club was yet to open there was no case study file to dig into. Instead, we had to turn it around to get them to see the potential and what this means for the future of businesses.

Focusing on the journalists and media outlets that would be most likely to agree to run with this story, we spent time getting through the doors and ploughing away at the conversations. The massive coup was not one, but two segments on BBC London – one in the morning and a longer piece at lunchtime.

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