Flexion Mobile case study

At Joshua PR we like to think that while we “get” mobile technology, we’re not so blinded by it that we lose sight of the fact that, to many people, how it works just isn’t that important. We worked with Flexion, which helps developers monetise their apps and get them discovered with some very clever wrapper technology, for a couple of years. And if we’re honest, we’re still not that au fait with how the coding actually works.

But what we do know, and know well, is what it means for developers and consumers. We know what’s going on in the industry, and what opportunities there are for Flexion to get out there and make an impact. Our work with them was not about explaining the technology it was about knowing the market and knowing when to strike.

Our plan focuses on a regular flow of news and information from Flexion to the key players. To get the right messages across we have to know the key issues and big trends in the arena, and react to them. It’s a fast growing, changing and competitive market so we spend a lot of time getting to know it inside out. We find out what developers want and what they are struggling with, then we show them how Flexion can help.

In essence, we are identifying opportunities where Flexion can show their expertise and demonstrate their capabilities, setting them up as thought leaders in their field.

One of the most successful tactics has been the quarterly report. Every three months we put together a comprehensive release, backed with infographics, on relevant figures – apps downloaded, conversions and so on. We set up an exclusivity deal with one online news site, so they get it first, then it goes on general release. This brings in consistent and valuable coverage each and every time.

Alongside this we also spend time just getting to know the market and responding to it on behalf of Flexion, so that whenever something happens we are there with relevant input.

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