ImpulsePay case study

When we got on board with ImpulsePay nearly five years ago it was a small company that knew what it wanted. Operating exclusively in the Payforit mobile payments arena, it was developing the first incarnations of the technology that now allows any UK mobile user to pay for digital goods and services with their smartphone. There was a clear aim: to set the industry standards and define the sector and in doing so ensure ImpulsePay was the de facto leader in the arena.

Joshua PR took the time to work internally with ImpulsePay in their offices, getting first-hand experience of day-to-day developments and changes in this nascent market. We could see that ImpulsePay was the clear leader, and our task lay in stating this leadership while also defining the technology and creating the market for it.

However, before we could do that our behind-the-scenes work involved setting the tone of voice, researching who we needed to talk to, and looking at how we could best talk about ImpulsePay. We had to be sure that we were saying the right things to the right people. ImpulsePay was small in size but the most important company in this arena, so we had to showcase this while also explaining how and why the market needed to be recognised in the mobile tech media.

The overriding theme of our strategy was to be hands-on and employ a range of tactics. A key element was the use of SEO releases – well-written press announcements with a real news hook that would be engaging and interesting for readers but also make their mark on search results. Alongside this we put a lot of work into setting ImpulsePay people up as trusted experts in their field through opinion articles and comment pieces. This thought leadership demonstrated not only the technology but made it clear what the benefits and importance were. Email marketing and event management, developing partner relationships and getting advertisements in the right places were also part of our plan.

Results in the past few years speak for themselves. ImpulsePay is well recognised inside and outside of the Payforit industry, and the sector has grown considerably. The first Payforit was held in June 2013 and ImpulsePay continues to lead the way in all developments, including helping to set industry standards.

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