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Working with Clients Large and Small

Working with Clients Large and Small

The virtual nature of Joshua PR and marketing means that we can build a team to support a large multi-national with their marketing requirements, or we can provide expert consultants to provide growth support for a start-up.

A project that we’re very proud of is working on The Prime Challenge with Microsoft.

“Joshua PR and marketing worked diligently, creatively and very successfully on our project. The ability of the team to get up to speed quickly, to understand the requirements of the project and, most importantly, to communicate complex ideas in a simple way, meant that we achieved great results and had a partnership that was a success for us all.”

Steve Plank, Cloud Architect, Microsoft


But we’re equally proud of the work we did helping start-up millenoki launch. Work that often goes way beyond marketing advice and involves us being an integral part of the team.

“When you are trying to get a tech start up off the blocks, there is enough to do working through the technical challenges and translating that into something resembling a commercial proposition, let alone identifying who and how to communicate what you have.

Joshua PR and marketing helped guide us through these early turbulent stages. They challenged us, tested our commercial thought processes and then put us in front of the industry’s top minds to further help knock the offering and the messaging into shape. The process was always constructive, they never shirked the difficult or challenging conversations and it was done in a way that left you feeling they were part of the team and had bought into your desire for success. Joshua PR and marketing has and continues to serve us well.”

Tony Blake, Director, millenoki

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